Wednesday, February 3, 2010

this statement that i have blogged has been given to the following :-
The Minister for police N.S.W. ........Police Intergrity Commion N.S.W.....The Ombudsman N.S.W.
.....N.S.W. Attorney-general.......John Cobb MP shadow federal minister for calare .......
Russel Turner local state member which by the way he acts its like his involved in the police elegal activities .get this his answer was forget whats gone on and start again.I told him what i throught so he slaps the weakest 2 year AVO on me .know its over is additudes still the same.protect the local police ....

RING AND ASK THEM-02 63636399


To whom it my concern 03/08/08. PAGE1 1) I David Vella was involved in a so called investigation ran by the (police integrities commissions) 4 to 5 years ago which ran for 2 years or more,at that time!. I look for advice by my solicitors Joe McNamara about a event involving 4 ORANGE POLICE DETECTIVE (detectives Birtle,Grey, Pak,Gersbach as named IN MY STATEMENT to the P.I.C.) in my store known at the time as Dave's shop & hock- at 327 summer street Orange these 4 officers walk in and straight up to me in shop showroom front of my business. Ask to talk to me in private!so we walk out the back room where I kept a safe,my personal long arms and current loans, so it was private .The 5 off us there,this so called detective-Greg Birtles started the conversation with Dave if we turn a blind eye to what ever extra activity's u maybe involved in if you look after us , at first I didn't no what they wanted? when all of a sudden I twigged then he started talking like,Dave you wouldn't be just straight up! if we offer you the GREENLIGHT to do what ever you want as long as you don't go killing no.1 in his words,you can take in stolen goods ,sell drugs do what you like,AS LONG AS YOU LOOK AFTER US......WELL..i through t! as I'm a quick thinker and was not really surprised as being a hock shop owner I've heard this sort of behavior by police many times before from my customers,only in orange. Anyway MY REPLY was now why would I wonna do that, Ive a house,triumph,Harley ,jewellery ,hot rod ,4x4 and cash,i got it all doing business ,paid my taxes,now why would I do that .CYA BOYS looking at the mouth peace who did all the talking inspector Birtles .they looked at me in shock, I could tell by the look on there faces it wasn't common to say solicitors advise after I shocked him with this event. Go to the P.I.C. So I did .made a appointment went to there Elizabeth street 3rd floor office Sydney,had a meeting with 2 investigators recorded meeting to, told them the above event and a few other details about certain dealers and what I learned about Orange crime.. You know how the P.I.C. Handled the complaint by telling the orange police id been there and for what reason I don't no,but Birtles let me no what for!for talking to P.I.C. and the orange police started there campaign of conspiracy and corrupt behavior and more so dangerous behavior...I COULD SEE THAT THE ORANGE POLICE WHERE NOT GONNA LEAVE ME BE ,SO OUT CAME THE SIGNS AT MY SHOP AND 15,000 BUMPER STICKER I STUCK UP IN 3 STATE ..THE A.C.T. ,N.S.W. AND Q.L.D THE SIGNS AND BUMPER STICKERS READ LIKE THIS ...QUESTION:???ARE THE ORANGE POLICE SELLING SPEED & HEAVY DRUGS IN OUR TOWN?..IF SO WHO ARE THE SELLECTED DRUG DEALERS WORKING FOR THEM?WHERE IS IT COMING FROM?...RING AND ASK THEM-0263615499 2) after the P.I.C. Meeting I went into the ORANGE POLICE STATION about a minor event in my shop. I was ask to wait for inspector Birtles,when I spoke too him it was short and brief,he informed me that the P.I.C. Had notified them that I had seen P.I.C. And left a complaint about the above event .also let me know that I was band from the Orange police station and as far as I know its still in place, im not allowed past front brick wall of the station or I would be arrested. I laughed at him sitting there in his chair and left..then a month later i meet a so called P.I.C. INVESTIGATOR DES ORGAN still a N.S.W. Police officer from Bathurst in great length he interviews me over 18 HOURS ON TAPE EACH DAY I ASK FOR A COPY OF THE INTERVEIW BUT HE WOULD NEVER SUPPLY .not only was the event of the green light talk in my store BERTLES AND CO event talked about but the drug problem the police where involved in at Bloomfield Mental Health Hospital. where I saw orange police officers loading drugs into a bull wagon with a detective car parked at each end of the bull wagon the police where loading drug supplys and drove away. A full account statement by me and another witness ROD BENNET was supplied and dealt with so inspector organ informed me ,but I still haven't heard of a outcome...also I mentioned names of dealers the police officers tend to leave alone with there Orange police green light cause I heard it straight from there informants as I started my own investigation which is still in motion WITH.. 3)not long after my visit to GREG BIRTLES I was being harassed by drug dealers GARRY ROBE and his side kick COREY 2 very big boys with the green light from police as they where informants too, also they ran drugs in this town with the rebels bike gang there boss JOHN TUDOR a rebel member in orange also green light for crime by police and a informant,this Garry Robe was hell bent with his side kick to stand over me in my shop for money well it didn't go down well with me and I offered them outside for there chance to take it with a fight .they never wanted it that bad because they toke off .but it start a chain of events,example my shop front windows strapped with explosives and blown out with each event ROBE & COREY would return after the police came to reporting this event,no sooner the police leave robe and Corey would return informing me they had done it & there be more to come in there words and it did .many occasions where assaults where committed by these pair on myself always reported with event numbers but nothing done by orange police ..then we have JOHN TUDOR a rebel member! another green lighted informant working with the orange police with his drugs and stand over tactics, such as on many occasions he would drive to my side of the road on coming and try to ram whatever vehicle I was in with his tow truck while even with my family in the vehicle,i will describe two of these occasions,out of many of these events:- that first I reported got event numbers and he was charged with predator driving,as I was heading west on summer street and driving my f350 truck with my signs on the back asking the question about Orange police and there involvement in drugs & corruption, JOHN TUDOR drove up in the inside lane in his tow truck,while my son was on the passenger side seat Tudor yells out Vella you fucking idiot with ya signs and began swing a base ball bat at my son I pulled my son to the middle of the seat as TUDOR moves up more in his truck and starts bashing my bonnet with his bat ,then it got ugly he start to ram his truck into my truck trying to push us into on coming vehicles so I fought back giving back his own,we where pulling and smashing bits of both owe vehicles then when we ran out of road he turned left and toke off and I went right,headed straight down the orange police station and reported the event .Tudor was charged but I WAS NOT ALLOWED IN COURT ONLY TO GIVE MY statement and I was never informed of the outcome or never received compensation for damages as I ask the officer to seek at the same time and to let me know what the result of the court hearing was..this detective had a major lack of duty of care,that was example 1 now example 2-not a month after JOHN TUDURS ATTACK in example 1 we have another event in Leura Road in orange in front of witness and statements where taken and a event number given ,while I was driving around Leewood circuit I spotted John Tudor and police officer Rainer out of there cars on the side of the road talking both where driving white VS commodores, then when I turned heading towards Leura road I turned into Leura Rd heading to a friends place TUDOR showed up at a cross street in his V8 commodore turning on Leura Rd behind me,so you know how I recognized him for 1 he was behind the wheel his number plate I still know the three first numbers as APE and his voice Tudor yelling out your dead,well his vehicle behind me very close then his car rubs the back of the mini moke i was driving im doing 50kms then all of a sudden! he floors it and im doing 100 with him pushing my vehicle with his, me with no control ! BRAKES ON ..coming to a bend I looked like either hitting a tree or a pole with smoke coming off all tyre's bakes on. I end up with his vehicle pushing me in between the tree and pole resting up the cutter, my tyre marks length measured out at 60metres TUDUR takes of and witness come out from surrounding houses,police rang by a witness, statements taken- event number given .i supply a written report of damages on my vehicle from a engineer .reported events.....................................Gary Robe & Cory both best description of these pair & known to police 6'ft5” 120kg big boy this is what It call a event:-....I get a phone call its from a girl Tony 20 then a police in formate she warns me not to go out,its Friday night im out I told her ! No don't go out Garry got 5 blokes out & there gunning for you tonight I said cool IL be right ,thanks hey .she was fine with that .im off out in the standard with 2 girls.1 I know as LEE WOOD & the other as BIN a friend of lee's we seen Garry Robe walk in with Corey and 3 other blokes they hang around us from 10.00pm when we arrived till 3.00am as we where leaving we walked past, in my ear robe leaned over went and made the sound boom in my ear , after blowing out my shop front 3 times & costing me $13,000 for new glass,well I said get out the front I'll give you boom .so as usual it more then 1 and the 5 started out behind me, I get to the car we where driving lee red commodore vl.i told the girls they where to pissed to drive, I said get in the car IL drive don't get out know matter what happens.So get in the car and watch me. I turn around I see the 5 with 2 bouncers .the two boys working the front door said! we don't want no trouble Dave ,I said well look behind you thats what im up against .i said don't get involve hey .then I said robe when you get of the phone to the cops and you get your fat guts out here and out comes my knife with the door closed behind & 7 in my face,i said to ROBE come closer so I can cut you open and watch our guts hit the ground your first .well they just looked at each other and 1 off the bouncer opened the front door! used it then robe and co with the other bouncer not far behind,with the door closed and locked as I ak them to leave or id do what I said and cut him up.we jumped in the car and drove away ,with detectives following us too lee's home where we stayed the night!.the next day I went to the orange police station and handed myself in,seen superintendent McKechnie but nothing came from it and I went home .......... also Garry Robe also known as a drug dealer with green light on many occasions he was seen by me or others doing his drug deals in the public streets at the time selling ice & speed in Franklin car park there usually late in the afternoon 4.00 on selling to the young on the street not caring whose around and the police as usual turning a blind I to the fact .i was giving this information to Des Organ the so called police officer stationed in Bathurst where I had too go to give my statement , as he said each interview that any information I gave on the two day 18 hour of me giving up main dealers & and I be charge if the information has me involved in crime ,the events im listing down on my behalf are with the truth .......,(i see this everyday .even still today post office lane,with camera's and all..them so called police officers turning a blind eye on there informant dealers who buy scripted example;-1 OFF MANY DRUG'S sold but the most sort after its street heroin and also known as morphine a packet for $6.00 on the government p.p.s. scheme and for every pill they call a Grey nurse's on the street $50.00 per tablet on the street .at the present date 03.08.08 they make a cool $1000.00 PER PACKET .i ask you what is that shit and on top the orange police get a money kick back each week and for the informants drug dealer they get payed what $1000.00 per packet and dealer then pay hush money to police,the dealers that are not green lighted and in competition with the police green lighted dealer there the ones the police target and pressure these types of criminals to work for them either selling drugs or information, other wise known as dogs.also the green light system that orange police use works on other crimes B&E,ASSAULT,CAR THEIFT including murder IVE MORE RIGHT THERE...ITS THE GREEN LIGHT OUT OF CONTROL. ... thats why the citizens of Orange have to watch drug dealing each day in there streets and PUT UP WITH THE UNSOLVED CRIMES, PRE-ARRANGED COURT VERDICTS EITHER PAYED FOR OUTCOMES BE IT FOR CRIMIALS OR WHAT THE POLICE WANT..AND LEGAL AID THEY IN THIS TOWN DO WHAT THE POLICE WANT AND NOT THE FOR CLIENTS,THEY COVER AND HELP THE POLICE WITH THIER OVER 40'S CLUB MEMBERS..THEY WORK IT ALL OUT MEAN WHILE THE VICTIMS GETS CRUSHED ).There where many other events off VOILANCE BY- JOHN TUDUR,GARY ROBE & COREY THEN THEY ALL JUST DISAPPEARED....... when I first meet this DES ORGAN I informed him off all event where reported and Dictaphone tapes every police officer did the same on the street or written statements done Ive got my statements still right to past and current events numbers of there police reports,paper reports what ever you want ..... .. I had a run in with inspector BIRTLE IN THE STREET .At fist I spotted a white new at the time commodore I notice it was following me and at the time my girl friend SLOAN SMYTH ,this car was driving around us while we where on our walk .the car parking here and there with the driver sitting in it the whole time .this car was parked on a bend as we crossed the road the driver started the car and headed straight at us I looked in the car as he just narrowly missed us both , guess who was driving it non other then inspector Birtles .we got the first 3 letters of his number plate and went to Orange police station we both gave a statement giving the number plate & description of the vehicle,event and the drivers name-we also received a event number ,as usual nothing done... ( I like to remind the reader that these event you are reading about are real... I have the police paper work for it all..these events listed above are only a couple out of many over a 2 year period 4)AT THE SAME TIME OF JOHN TUDURS GREEN LIGHTED HARRASMENT I was being attacked on another front,it was a time of hell for me and my 2 young sons who was living with me at the time . my wife of 13-years ALISON VELLA we had a healthy relationship where we never had arguments and we had plenty of respect,moving forward by buying a house,my business which made us independent to do what we liked as career's goes Alison didn't have to work but thats what she like to do was being a travel consulted,thats all I ever seen her do for work scenes I meet her .She was employed at Harvey World Travel ORANGE and was working with KIM MIDDLETON another travel consulted,her husband CARL MIDDLETON a got to know both these people in a friendship,example-we went to there work function ALWAYS sat together,there engagement party and there wedding,get together the normal stuff .all was good for years,then not long after the GREEN LIGHT talk by those 4 detective,things changed such as KIM & ALISON started to lose weight and Alison attitude started to change for the worst .Alison was not the same and I found out why,Alison had a room that she called a office all set up where she would do the shop paper work .she must of heard me walk in the house,I heard help me Dave! I went straight to her and found her laying on the ground with her shirt just tugged up and I noticed bruising on her lower belly this bruising where along the vanes that where visible to see and a needle laying next to her,i helped her up back on the chair her eyes and head rolling around on the nod as junkies call it .ON her desk was a small bag of white powder .i said what the fuck is going on here she made no sense to me at the time ,she ask me not to leave her alone I wanted to take her to hospital she said in her words IL RIDE IT OUT !i put her to bed waited,i checked out what I found I new it was a drug but wasn't sure what I was dealing with,so I rang a mate who new about drugs better then me,I showed him,he tasted a bit straight away he said its speed.(since that day my mate and I have had many talks about drugs he has educated me about drugs and still does),Alison woke and I fronted her about the event I had to witness,well the truth was told with no lies she had seen my no fucking around pawnbroker Dave additude ,and she new if it wasn't the truth we where finished,Alison informed me that she was using speed for a short term of 2 months, I ask her where did you get it from she replied Kim and she gets it off CARL who sells speed brings it into work for me and couple of the other girls at work .I was SHOCKED my reply to Alison was,well you either quit that job or im selling this house and we are parting,finished!understand.....thats what Alison did quit......Alison found another job straight away and our relationship improved,the company she landed the job with was employment national a government job thing where fine for 4 or so months,then strange behavior I was dealing with a mean attitude from ALISON id catch her out covering up where she had been .then a horse race day in orange was on and her employer invited the workers and family ,kids to..i told Alison yeah me and the boys will come,well a week before the race day Alison informed me that it been changed to workers only .I said fine me and the boys will grab the hotrod and go for a drive,ON the day of the race day Alison was in a strange mood and even smoking cigarettes which was a non thing for her I said whats wrong .she said nothing only IL head to the racers now .Then for a few hour I was running the events of the day with her through my head and every thing didn't add up!so on my drive with the boys in the hotrod, I said do you boys wont to go to the horse racer where mum is they said yes so we we drove up to the race track we parked and only had walked about 40 meter and I saw Alison at a table with her work mates and another bloke they where very friendly and close my boys never sighted her, I stop and watched for a while I seen anuff to know there something wrong here .i had never seen this man be for and I new it was not a fellow work mate,Alison looked across at me and seen us standing there she come to us with a worried look,with out saying a word I walked away .Alison ask me to stop as I was walking to my car ,so I did .she ask me what did you see I said anuff to know whats going on and IL talk to you when you decide to come home..hours past she come home a mess.I knew she had slept with him that day,because it was from ALISON own words im sorry .i asked her with the gilt your showing have you slept with him she reply smoking 1 after another yes! I informed her that I was finished putting up with this new Alison she had become and the house will be going on the market tomorrow,the for sale sign was on the house the next day and we sell it and go half's .Then while the house was up for sale we started to live separate lives .MYSELF I would go home each afternoon ,stay and look after my boys,wash feed and play until they slept,ALISON well for a little while would try to fix owe relationship she was a mess for some time,my friends and myself could tell that she was still using heavy drugs .i would go around the house and check around find her drug stash of speed and waist it down the toilet ,well 1 day the call for help came up,while ALISON and I had a talk .this conversion turned to a worker in her office a man I knew called DAVID was using work phones on work time to do his drug dealing each working day with the bosses blessing,Within myself I was angry so the next day i went to Alison workplace Employmemt national and seen there boss she toke me into her office and I informed her of what Alison had informed me the day . and how as a manager she was going to handle this and I wanted to stay in the loop to hear about the outcome of the boss's investigation .Then I don't no why but Alison's boss informed me that Alison was not being honest with her work and home life as the man I seen Alison with where to close .I said what do mean she still seeing that man from the racecourse ,Alison's boss replied yes! and the emails they send each other through work computer had been stopped and other inappropriate behavior and that ALISONS job was on the line thats how bad it was .I asked her if this man Alison was seeing work for you,she replied no but he works in the same building next door,I ask for his name this manager stop there, would not inform me of this mans name! that I saw Alison with on that race day and I could never get this mans name from Alison either. after the meeting at employment national,i seen that they posted a security gaurd on the front door he said how you going Dave,i looked at him a big coca nut Tongan man a security officer his name was David from pro security in Redfern Sydney, I read this of his security lic .He was happy to show me,then he informed me of his duty there and that it was to keep me out of employment national plus the DEPARTMENT OF WORK PLACE RELATIONS where Alison boy friend was working .David also in formed me that he would be the one to sort me out and I will be seeing more of him later .then all of a sudden I made my mind up and thats when I brought out the signs with the question on bill boards on all my vehicles and shop front and our family home sold after 12mths on the market,gave Alison half the money and we parted!ALISON had no interest in taking me to court over my business ventures,at that time she knew about something about a conspiracy or plans,something,she would on occasions start with you need to know and just shut up it was information given to alison by police ,that same night being a Thursday night me and a few friends went to the standard hotel the time being around 11.00pm,David the same security guard from pro-security walked in to the bar with 2 other big Tongans and come up to me and my friends.1 of Davids WORKER4 FROM PRO SECURITY pulled out a t-shirt with a ash tray in it and knocked my mate Luke Bennett out witch left myself and Lindsay Gander with the three men from pro-security punching on in the main bar,i was hit with a bar stool across my shins and stomach. My worker and friend then Lindsay gander and I stopped when David from pro security called them of and wanted to talk,the conversation was to me was to pay $25,000 and we will leave you be but others may cash you in as theres a contract out on you . My response was show me how you earn your money then it went to from pro security worker David to IL get this mob of Vietnamese's and will get you cut up into little pieces,i said fuck you and they left .. now these pro-security workers, worked as bouncers at the royal hotel Orange for TONY. (who is still manger at the royal now running with a mad green light by police for years,with well known old time drug dealers carrying out his and there business in the pokies area of the royal hotel, a well known drugs hot spot of Orange with the Carrington Hotel and Ophir hotel and the arron hotel with the same drug issues why? the old Orange police green light informants that make up the NUMBERS of unsolved crime in TOWN). Also this TONY had a bad habit of following me for a while and still doing it currently ,.i rang Alison and asked her to call of these dogs from pro-security of my back she replied I cant help do that as its not up to her to do so and she said she was I went to my bank manger and ask him too do a favour and look up alisons account she had not purchased a thing but $20,000 was gone from her account .i say she spent that on pro security.. i reported this event about pro-security to the orange police nothing done, I also reported the standard hotel event to DES ORGAN he informed me that the security video tapes from the standard where damaged and he said there was nothing he could do even with our statements he could not help,i said thats a load of shit..,and I stopped giving information about the drugs and the orange police green lighted dealers never to see inspector DES ORGAN again. IL tell you how I pissed those Tongans of out of my life and town,i followed them pro-security wanker in a f350 ford truck and smacked them up the rear of there hatch back car with it and pushed them off the road I must of scared them cause I never seen them again. NOW in all the events list there was other actions by police that are deeply disturbing events was carried out in the same time frame such as follows . 5) for one the campaign off driving and street offenses in the way of fine that many I ended up with what? sum thirty to forty fines most sent in the mail,with made up driving or other set up offenses these police officers did what ever they wanted to do too me.but if it wasn't for the N.S.W STATE DEBT RECOVERY OFFICE canceling sum off these fines on two occasions Ive estimate so far in fines from police approx $20,000 I paid, if it wasn't for the N.S.W. STATE DEBT these fines could have been a easy extra $10,000 they saved me with two letters which I have from state debt stating due to the current circumstances we seem fit to cancel the above fines sorry for any inconvenience.. from me thank you.(when you government offices look and read my life,my statement you can understand why when fixing the above events in 5) the issue of fines.well these are my wants! my gold drivers lic back for 5years as I had ,all fine be paid back to me and my record wiped clean. My bonus is add my bike lic to that gold drivers lic.thats your first step to fixing this problem . 6)when I was living at 85 Cecil rd orange for 4 years and when my shop was forced to close with lie on a statment to the department of fair trading by the orange police I then set my signs with the question about there involvement in the drug trade ,then the orange police tried to force me to pull my signs down or they would throw me out of this 85 cecil rd my house I laugh this was done in front of my friends that makes them witness rite well the cops made it clear that day that I was to move,then a week later the police officers that told me move came back a week later with Christine Norris and her husband from the real estate and hand me a eviction notice and the police on the day started with u have a weeks notice I said it wasn't anuff time then the cops told me 2 weeks but it more like in fact 2 month with no money left I could'nt take all my gear and left thousand of dallors worth of my gear behind and had anuff funds 2 put the rest in storage and was homeless for nine month then my friend Shelley found a house at 228 Dalton street where I lent her my furniture and house hold goods for a room 4 me.well as soon as I moved in there I was surrounded by dealers in nabour hood these cop informant green lighted dealers complained . that I was living there and yes I was watching these houses next door and surrounding dealers ,then the police went and seen Shelley Whitely as she was present and living in 85 Cecil road she had seen what the police where like when they throw me out.well this time they forced there way in the house and unknowing to them I was there they warned her that it was in her interest to kick me DAVID VELLA out or this constable Smallwood would do whatever it toke to get her kicked out ,well Shelley said no and this constable Smallwood grabbed my green glass 1940's biscuit jar and a set of 1940's enamel storage jars this event was reported to the superintendent with a tax invoice for replacement but nothing done about this event ,a week later from Smallwood visit Shelley RECEIVED a eviction notice we where told police reckon I was dealing in drugs from there so the cops told owner of there house that SHELLEY rented .what shit and have I ever received any such charges no .its just more conspiracy moments.this event happened 14months ago ,me I was homeless again for 6 months got another place on my own so far still here don't no how long for as my signs a still out. Also another event this constable Smallwood with another officer came up to me and my friend GAVIN BOUGHTWOOD and this officer stated that in my best interest that I David Vella should leave town because my name and my life in this own was fucked ,id never get a house or job or work of any kind again in orange.spoken in this police officers own words I was fucked in this town , my reply was fuck you will see about that,on you way boy you owe me for the antiques you stole from Shelley place and IL be giving you Smallwood the bill for replacement. And I never seen Smallwood again the wanker 7)superintendent McKechnie:-now Alison's close friends CONSTABLE KIM MIDDLETON the same Kim that use to work at Harvey world travel supplying Alison Vella with her drugs (SPEED) .The same CONSTABLE Kim Middleton also got involved in the custody of my son BRETT VELLA at the time 5 years old .i had Brett for a visit which was a rare event and on this day Alison decided that BRETT shouldn't have any visits with me and went two her friend constable Middleton THEN. I was walking to my place at 85 Cecil road when constable Middleton pulled me up with my ex wife telling I had to hand over Brett as there was no custody orders in place and there reason was. I was suppose to be violent and dangers. In there opion his safety was endanger and I was the problem.we went to court for custody. No custody GRANTED by judge Jane Stevenson there story ran thought court and I never saw my little boy Brett ever again. There has never been a violent or dishonest charge against me ever and no mental or drug issue and I have it in two independent reports by doctors . I hate to be the one to tell you mentally I got a clean bill of health ha .. I WONT MY BOY..... Now this superintendent McKechnie was suppose to investigate the mentioned event with constable Middleton and my ex wife with my boy.his investigation found that Kim and Alison had not been work mates or friends and I was to in mcknies words cop it sweet. I TOLD HIM TO GET FUCKED and I left. A week later I received a phone call from superintendent McKechnie asking me if I could come in for a meeting to discuss Brett my son,I excepted and went in to see him,i went to the front desk and ask for the superintendent the police officer directed me across the road to the detectives office.i walked across and was meet by him McKechnie at the door he then started to walk into the police car park as we talked. it came to the crunch this so called police officer there boss the superintendent of the station told me if I put my signs away on police corruption his boys the police would arrest and charge Alison for the contract that was in place that was well document by the police which they let them lose on me , me and my sons would be left alone and have no more hassels.they will do there job .me I said no I never would of thought in Australia this shit would go on when the so called right people look at these types of crimes,then id get my boy back in a heart beat ,I was wrong .government employees have no since of duty of care ,this is a thorn in my side that gives me the worst thoughts for revenge.who would blame me hey! Mark my words I do want for blood. 8)inspector Johnson also known to me as Bambie at the time of dealing with this so called police offers who was suppose to be investigating his fellow work mates on behalf of the P.I.C. and told me that yes Dave they are selling drugs but there's nothing no one can do stop them and I was to just live with it. I told inspector Bambie Johnson thats shit and I would do my best to make it known to the public what is going on and I left.there was only myself Johnson present out the front of the police station that day and I did let every one no with flyer's thrown around in the streets telling orange residents the truth .no sooner I did the flyer's run with the truth on the orange police involvement in drugs then I was arrested for intimidate police in the cause of duty .(what shit Bambie Johnson to screw this around when you should of dealt with the drug dealing police force you found instead telling sumone to forget it.for what is it about money thats all ,the police cash money... When I was to front court over this charge I was found guilty then I appealed the guilty judgment went to supreme court beat the guilty judgment and then the same charge had to be heard in district court where I had been using Orange legal aid- Peter ringbauer he advise me not to tell my version of the events and it was in my best interest to say nothing or risk goal.i was found guilty in the end and it was a worthy case to hear all sides but as usual nothing with my statement of event ever taken or heard....NOW all along since using orange legal aid I believe that solicitor Ringbauer has a interest in conspiracy to hide the truth from the judge on court days with the intent in helping the orange police to get the verdict the police wishs .a conspiracy to hide and falsely convict the non guilty .this has happened to me on many occasions when using legal aid with the services of solicitor Ringbauer this man should be investigated as to the close working relationship he has with police as legal aid there suppose to be neutral in these cases as they represent the public on our behalf . 9)well we looked at how inspector Bertles got my firearms dealers lic to hurt me as much as possible because of the P.I.C. INVESTIGATION with bertles about him asking me to sell drugs with his green light with another 3 officers present which if you remember I said NO !.then to hurt me some more it wasn't anuff to wreck MY COMPANY(firearms dealers lic) ,my family,my name,then once again my business (secondhand,pawnbroker,used car dealership.lic), with lies given in writing from orange police licensing officer FRED BOGGS to the Department of fair trading IN THIS statement theres mention of involvement in a)drug dealing me as a seller b)i was suppose to be buying and selling stolen goods .many other tall tail activity's its was a crushing think for me to read and to loss my 2 business over such story's is disgusting to cope with. Why was my companies closed with a great working relationship with fair trading .never a charge for goods in custody or fraud or dishonest practices squeaky clean all I did wrong was to say no to the orange police to selling drugs and do what I want with there green light,which cost me what everything is that what one can expect. For it was all done on lies never a charge or conviction no proof, and you know way because I made heaps of money being me honest and reliable working DAVE thats why the orange police had no proof because I am honest not like them blue collar,lazy good for nothing ,dog drug dealing police officers off orange. we the public pay for them to inflict there more I say. They can earn there wages and forget there cash money out of like to mention all the events MENTIONED was done while the ombudsman and the P.I.C. Where called to overseeing the investigation and stood back and let the police have a free run in inflicting there pain on me with these departments far as I no this is still the additude they run with today. 10) At the same time I gave the the P.I.C. Information about the drug trade at Bloomfield mental I gave information on high way patrolman SCMICH about him dealing with green lighted in formates in stolen goods for exchange with this information was pass on to me by one of there police in formates and I passed on the information to P.I.C. ,The way it was dealt with was a cover up in the papers and court,well they found 144 stolen items in Highway patrolman schmichs garage and a man that had what 64 counts of fraud another in formate toke the rap for the lot and officer smhich got forced to retire with his pension . I would like to know if that was his punishment the lucky old toss. 11)Kayte louise Wood ANOTHER in formate sent into my life by police always has had detective Paks PHONE NUMBER IN HER MOBILE PHONE AND WAS CAUGHT OUT WITH this detective in kaytes bed performing sex by Julie Anderson kayte wood mother. A letter was even given to police officer constable Pak HIS WIFE from Julie Anderson informing MRS Pak in writing OF HER HUSBANDS for the sexual relationship thats finished but it took for me to tell detective Pak and Grey that kayte wood has a herbies infection and she cant get rid of them either she has it for life,all they have now is a informant and cop relationship where she gives up dealers or information for money (ALL HAVE A NUMBER THESE INFORMATS TO IDENTIFY THEM TO POLICE AND FOR PAYMENT MADE BUY THE GOVERMENT) .at the time of kayte being sent into my life for information and to cause legal trouble on events the police would blow out of context and she would lie and so would the police just to keep me in custody of the police.only on 1 occasion was true and I pleaded guilty to burning sum of kaytes clothes after kayte been using speed you know drugs while pregnant with my son Zayne . Kaytes made events up Such assaults events with lies then id be charged with a the events,then when I go to court its all dropped with a sorry and she gets away with the event legally. I know that kayte woods a informant as I was witness to phone calls she received and made listing and watching who she talk to and kaytes told and showed me all. When it came down to custody of my son ZAYEN no solicitor in town or legal aid would represent me for custody in court and the rubbish thrown at me on the day of court I ended up walking out and never seen him again too,because I couldn't deal with kayte in anyway a out of control junkie at the add to the destruction by this informant getting me to sign Zayen's birth certificate only to throw it in the bin.swapped the paper work with her on it only and for months she lead me to believe his last name was Vella but is not his surname it is Wood and on the birth certificate its father unknown,kayte doing the police bidding earning her informat money to cause me as much pain she can and all on behalf of the orange police using there drugs we all no about the over 40's club Kayte was one of there drug slut that was a regular to there Wednesday night sex and drug plus police payment night ,even still at the moment police hold these Wednesday night party for there drug dealer ,business people government works,open for all over 40's club member well known about .so if I can find them and know so do the p.i.c and the ombudsman office.just back to kayte but what I learnt about her history. WELL she has a twin brother which when she was young her mother would encourage them to participate in sexual games which there mother would join in. The mental damage that Julie Anderson caused ,Kayte Wood mother done too kayte when she was young drove her to have screaming drug habit and from what doctors have told me with out rehab she wont stop.when kayte left home she went into docs for help.with Cadia house, docs ,and the Curran centre also Liverpool hospital ,plus orange base hospital, all have there Kayte Woods life story on file,also my docs reports that where never acted on.always docs be in her defense. Now we have Kayte Wood still involved with Julie Anderson a her mother in there sexual relationship plus Kayte has given her mother custody of her young son and daughter and I no there at risk ,after 2 weeks with there grand mother on holidays and these two poor kids coming back with a additude that they can get married and sneaking around playing with each sexaully ,this sick additude toke a couple of months to sort .but with kates mother involved in selling all kinds DRUGS which I have reported and shown police as usual a police info mat running with the police green light .untouchable this Julie Anderson a burned out hooker ,JUNKIE drug dealer . well known in Orange , Victoria police and government departments...julie who keeps suppling her daughter the drugs that keep her keen for what ever kayte's mother wonts ..this Julie Anderson also gets zayen wood my son in her custody sometime too ,..i wont this matter sorted with your care of duty so you best get all kayte wood files and do your job with the duty of care I have not seen yet by any government department... 12)constable Duckberry :event where I was bashed this why. I walked in the occidental hotel I ordered a beer which was supplied and my first for the afternoon at the occidental hotel,i was at the bar for 5 minutes when from a group of 5 blokes this DANNY the hotel owner ask me too leave ,i asked him why ,he replied those signs u have around town for start and Danny throw in im a ex-cop and there my friends and I wont you leave . I wasn't allowed too finish my drink I ordered .i start too leave and walked through the front door when a big blond haired bloke who I didn't no at the time and grabbed me from behind,spun me around with my left arm trapped in my t-shirt and he proceeded to pound my face he hit me once I said that all you got,he hits me again I say you hit like a girl .this bloke just loses it and hits me another 4 or 5 time all in the head this event was also sighted by two passes buyers named JOHN JONES snr and jr ,then I give Danny mate 1 hit he lets me go I give him notice that im ringing the cops .which I rang the orange police station and constable Ducksberry answers .I told him about the mentioned event he laughs and tells me IL be right and where gonna do fuck all for you .so I inform ducksberry im coming to the station to put in a report.on my way to the police station I ring a woman named Lee Wood ask her to meet me at the station ,this lee seen what went on from in the station and round 2 at the occidental hotel i got there and ducksberry tells me to leave and his gonna do nothing .so I informed him if he didn't do his job that I will go back to the occidental for round 2 ,so I did as I was heading back to the pub on foot with a bull wagon with duckberry driving with another officer with him they and lee followed in there vehicles when I arrived back at the OCCIDENTAL HOTEL I didn't see the police they where parking around back..i was out the front and I called Danny the pub owner the ex-cop back out ,he came out with another called Garry Robe they circled around me and Danny said hey dickhead im a ex-cop and the cops coming down now are my friends and you will be the 1 arrest for assault you watch and see,i proceed to up Danny when from behind constable ducksberry grabs me put me under arrest and takes me back to the orange police station where im held all night,in that time in there custody I was so angry when I was assaulted and sent on my way,then im arrested.i inform the cops in there lockup that I have every intention of taken you blokes to court and suing for this event.,there result from this event was a night in goal, many court appearances with all charges drop in court sum 2 years later. 13)just like to mention that Sloan Smyth was also a informat when I throw her out for using drug speed in my house that she lived in for 2 years with she was cash up well she purchased a new VS commodore and a house not bad money for being a dog now is it ...a month after I throw her out hello holden then 2months later a house im in the wrong game here I am giving you your information 4 what free and for my town .all it did was cost me what all im sitting on information on atleast 2 murders ..whose selling drugs and with the greenlight .. the main street has to be cleaned off its every day drug dealers working with greenlight and the police off Orange cant be trusted so who do I give my information one here will takes this on ..if I can find there over 40's nights on wednesdays so can who ever else who wants to finishs this ...if not thats where il be getting this done..warning if not delt with by P.I.C. OR OTHERS ... I will do it on my own on a wednesday night at there so called drugs and slut night the over 40's club held by the ORANGE POLICE the night they get there cut of money ..I WILL GIVE YOU MY WORD IN writing IF YOU government DEPARTMENTS ARE TO SCARED il do it for you AND WONT BLINK A EYE ..There got me down as mentally ill ,dangerous to police all there grap il do it and by the way I have 2 reports that comment on my mental health 1 court order and done by corrective services another from St Mary's hospital they give my mind a clean bill of health you crazy's keep it up you lot the government ..and revenge is mine ...if hear nothing from you lot I will take it I have the green light to do the lot .. .